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O(+> (Symbol) Album/CD

Year released: 1992

O(+> (Symbol) Song Lyrics

    1.  My Name Is Prince
    1a. Yo man
    2.  Sexy M.F.
    3.  Love 2 The 9's
    4.  The Morning Papers
    5.  The Max
    5a. Hello
    6.  Blue Light
    7.  I Wanna Melt With U
    8.  Sweet Baby
    9.  The Continental
    10. Damn U
    10a. That one's dedicated 2 all the lovers
    11. Arrogance
    12. The Flow
    13. 7
    14. And God Created Woman
    15. 3 Chains O' Gold
    15a. Hello?
    16. The Sacrifice Of Victor

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