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One-Way Ticket CD

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"Hartzog’s music practically knocked me out of my chair. It’s hungry, relentless musical energy. He has taken a wide range of influences from funk to classic rock to folk and brought them together for one big jam."

"If you’re dead tired of the rock on the radio, and bored by the rounded soft corners on modern funk, Brian Hartzog may be the shot in the arm you’ve been looking for." Reviews

Song List
  Christmas in July (full song)

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  Motha Funky
  Amy's Run Away
  Don't Say No
  Daily Grind
  Daddy's Little Girl
  Fast Girl in a Pretty Car
  Make a Little Room for Me
  In from the Metro
  Alright to Drive
  All By Myself


The Smashing of Pictures CD cover

The Smashing of Pictures CD

Only $10.97!!!!


The Smashing of Pictures is my debut CD. It's a collection of funk and roll songs on which I composed, produced, and performed every instrument. The CD is a concept album of sorts--it starts with the words "Love Me" and ends with the words "I love you." It's sort of a coming-of-age-via-a-bad-breakup thing...

The songs on this CD are pretty varied: there's a spoken word song, a Beatlesque song, some Jimi Hendrix-style guitar work, some Red Hot Chili Peppers sounding stuff, a Prince-ish tune or two, etc. I grew up listening to classic rock radio (Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin) and funk (Prince, James Brown and Parliament) addition to the pop and hip hop that blares at us through our radios. On this CD, wear my influences on my sleeve. It's not that it sounds like I'm copying sounds more like I dehydrated them, poured the powder into a pot, added some chicken grease, mixed in some angst, and sopped it up with some cornbread. I call it funk-and-roll...most people call it alternative.

Song List
  Modest Appeal

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  The Thing U Love (full song)
  Oh! Yoko/Dear John
  Common Ground

Getting Stronger

  A Faster Bullet
  The Smashing of Pictures (full song)
  All Over You (full song)
  No Passing Thing
  A Faster Bullet (Reprise)
  Daily Bread
  Been My Baby