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Jimi Hendrix

I discovered Jimi Hendrix via that crazy Are You Experienced? video that was made years after he died. You know the video--the one that had the film in the Hendrix vault that escaped its canister, crawled across the floor, and inserted itself into the projector. It's filled with great Hendrix moments and poses...I was fascinated with the other-worldly sounds, the fluidity of Hendrix's stage moves, and how COOL he was as he made music into art. I was about 13 or 14, and I was hooked. Not long after that I got Jimi Hendrix's first album on cassette...and not long after that, I bought my first guitar.

My first guitar was an acoustic, and I nearly quit playing it after going through 3 guitar books and being completely frustrated with my apparent lack of progress. I was learning what the guitar lessons were teaching me, but I wasn't learning what I wanted to know...and there was no way I could make it sound like Hendrix.

So I decided to save up to buy an electric guitar to give that a shot before I quit completely. When my first Fender guitar arrived from a mail-order music store, I knew I had found my calling. Some of the first songs I learned were Hendrix songs....and I loved Jimi's playing, his tone, his attitude, his songwriting...and it was through Hendrix that I discovered Bob Dylan.

I've created this Jimi Hendrix website in hopes that it will help you find the Jimi Hendrix lyrics or Hendrix album that you're missing. If you get a chance, make sure you check out the songs of mine that I feel were influenced by Jimi.

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