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  One-Way Ticket Get all 11 songs for $6.99
  The Smashing of Pictures Get all 12 songs for $6.99


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The Smashing of Pictures

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How does it work?

Do you have an Apple iPod or an MP3 player or Audio Jukebox on your computer? Here's how to purchase and receive your Brian Hartzog songs in MP3 format.

1. Scroll up and click the BUY option next to the product you want to buy:

2. You will be prompted with a ClickBank page to purchase the product with any major credit card. Enter your credit card information. ClickBank uses the highest level of security.

3. Once you click OK, ClickBank verifies your credit card information, and prompts you with the download page where you can download the file(s) you purchased. It may take a minute or so for this page to appear.

If you have any problems with your order, call 704 953-7358 or email orders@brianhartzog.com. If you have any questions about ClickBank, check out the ClickBank website.

Quality of files

These MP3 files sound as good as any you'll hear on the Internet. They were all encoded at 128Kps. As you audiophiles know, no MP3 will technically sound as good as a CD...but, hey, you can't carry a CD around in your iPOD. If you want the absolutely highest quality audio, you'll have to purchase your Brian Hartzog music on CDs.