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The Best Beatles Sites on the Web

Whether you're a Beatles fan, a musician, or a Beatles collector, there is a Beatles site for you. Of all the Beatles sites I've found on the web, these are the ones I'd recommend that you check out.



Julia Baird, John Lennon's sister, runs this website where you can get a signed copy of her book "Imagine This, Growing Up with My Brother, John Lennon" which has 4+ stars at addition to a Cavern Wall poster, a picture of John Lennon at Mendips, and an audio CD version of an interview she did with Paul McCartney.

Ms. Baird sent me a personal note, and I highly recommend checking out her story about growing up with John Lennon. (My copy of her Paul McCartney interview is already in the mail!)

The main Beatles site. It's a bit heavy on the graphics, but it's still one of the first places you should check out-especially for news or information about the Beatles.

Beatle Money

You can check out a pretty complete financial history of the Beatles and related organizations. The site is slightly cumbersome, but if you dig down deep enough you can read about how each Beatle spent, gave away, and earned his money. For example, you can see that John Lennon borrowed the money for Cynthia's wedding ring.

My favorite Beatles fan site. Multifaceted Beatles site featuring fan clubs, art gallery, greeting cards, fan fiction and songs, news, guitar tablatures, polls, albums, lyrics, movies, and solo careers.

The Beatles Collectors' Reference Center

If you're a Beatles collector, you should check out this site to learn about Beatles merchandise. It lists nearly all memoramelia and discerns between what is counterfeit.

Beatles Guide UK

If you're making a trip to Liverpool to do the Beatles tour, make sure you check out this site first. It lets you walk through Liverpool like a Beatle right from your desktop. It also contains a discography, history of the Cavern Club, songs by Lennon and McCartney recorded by others, and a photo gallery.

The Beatles Studio

The best place for Beatles news and information. Also contains a biography, filmography, lyrics, and discography.

The Beatles Worldsite

Very clean, well-designed Beatles website. This site is great for Beatles lyrics...but it's also great for Beatles fans who just want to kill some time.

The Beatles Lyrics Great place for Beatles lyrics, grouped by album...also has other classic rock lyrics.

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