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The following links describe where to find more information on the Beatles..of course, the best way to learn more about the Beatles is to listen to and learn to play their music. Check my Beatles discography to make sure you have all of their albums.

You can also get a ton of information about the Beatles from some great books. Check out my list of the Best Beatles Books.

For more... For a super-quick overview: For a full overview: For the hard-core Beatles fan:
Information on the Beatles lives

Brian's Beatles Biography

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The Beatles Anthology (book) by Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, John Lennon.

The Beatles Anthology DVDs

Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now by Barry Miles.

Information on the Beatles songwriting techniques -- Read my Beatles Songwriting Techniques article List of the essential Beatles songwriting books
Information on the Beatles recording techniques -- Read my Beatles Songwriting Techniques article See my list of the best recording books about the Beatles.
Information on Beatles albums/discography Brian's List of the Best 5 Beatles Albums Brian's Beatles Discography  
Information on Beatles movies/DVDs      
Beatles tablature/sheet music     The Essential Beatles scores

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