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Brian Hartzog's Beatlesque Songs

If you like the Beatles, you should check out the following songs of mine. I don't try to copy the Beatles...cuz that would be FUTILE...but I've heard the Lennon and McCartney songs so many times that they've kinda creeped into my songwriting. In fact, my first record that I remember listening to over and over was "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" from the Sgt. Pepper's movie soundtrack. I was about 8 years old, and I thought, "Man! Those Bee Gees are great!" (It was a few years before I learned the truth.)

Some of my other musical influences include Jimi Hendrix, Prince, James Brown, Bob Dylan, and Parliament. I guess you'd technically call my music "alternative"...most of it is a little funkier than these tunes...but I'd love to know what you Beatles fans think of my songs. Please let me know. You can check out more of my music here.


Song List

Don't Say No

The mood and melody of this song has a real John Lennon feel. The bass is very Paul McCartney...and the song structure is somewhat based on "Eleanor Rigby". The electric guitar is a bit Pink Floyd, which most Beatles fans seem to dig. The lyrics are kind of an mix of the John and Paul interplay found in so many of their great songs (e.g. "She's Leaving Home"). Listen to MP3

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One-Way Ticket



Daddy's Little Girl

The melody is a bit John Lennon, and the bass line has definitely got Paul McCartney feel. I produced this song kinda retro as well. Listen to MP3





Oh! Yoko/Dear John

This song is from my first CD, The Smashing of Pictures. This song is a weird mix of early and late Beatles. The song structure is loosely based on "A Day in the Life". I played all the instruments on this song. Listen to MP3

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The Smashing of Pictures














Beatleseque songs by Brian Hartzog

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