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List of Charlotte's Best Alternative Bands

Welcome to Brian Hartzog's list of Charlotte, NC alternative bands. Please contact me if you know of any active alternative bands who call the Charlotte area their home. I have not tried to list every band in Charlotte--just the alternative bands from Charlotte that I like best.

Band/Artist Website Description

Brian Hartzog

Funk and roll!! Classic-rock influenced alternative funk rock music. Sounds like P-funk and Prince mixed with the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Jimi Hendrix.

Chasing Edison

Funky and a bit jazzy.

Gigi Dover

Americana--adult alternative with a slight country flair. A bit Stevie Nicks. Good songwriting.


Electric jazz-funk trio features dual bassists and includes sound samples, FAQ and contact information.


Four piece radio-friendly modern rock group. Reminds me of 3 Doors Down.

Neglected Sheep

Alternative pop/rock band that makes southern, melodic music.


Alternative pop/rock band a la the Smithereens.

Semi-Pro Punkish alternative five-piece band managed by an old guitarist of mine.